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  • Naome Ninsiima
    Naome Ninsiima Project Coordinator
  • Gerald Nizeyimana
    Gerald Nizeyimana Farm Manager

UGoGreen is a local NGO and therefor, our board members are all Ugandan ladies and gentlemen representing their communities.

Naome Ninsiima is our new Project Coordinator replacing Susanes Kyagaba, who has accepted new challenges elsewhere. Naome is an enthusiastic farmer  and has great ideas on how to bring more knowledge to our communities and how to seek cooperation and acknowledgement on district level.

Gerald Nizeyimana has worked for UGoGreen for over 6 years, starting as day ascari and gardener, but slowly growing to a valued employee and worker. Gerald is now our Farm Manager overviewing all farm related tasks and much more.

Reggie Amade is our Belgian volunteer following in the footsteps of Lenke Slegers who did a brilliant job as our Managing Director until 2021.


Self-sustaining families and communities in rural greater Masaka and Uganda with improved living standards:  economically, environmentally and socially


Developing, executing and monitoring economic development and entrepreneurship programs


Our goals are inspired by some of the most basic Sustainable Development Goals as adopted by all United Nation Member States in 2015:
– End Poverty
– End Hunger


Sevo vzw is a Belgian ngo that loves entrepreneurs. It supports UGoGreen in Belgium. Sevo and UGoGreen have signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), which means they will support and help each other.

Villa Katwe B&B is the place to be to feel home away from home. Fantastic B&B, great breakfast, wonderful feeling to get back to your senses after a day full of impressions.

Kalungu District has recently partnered up with UGoGreen to implement our programs on a bigger scale.

Can I do internship at UGoGreen Organisation, or in Uganda?

Ask yourself what you are looking for:  creating a better world or a better self?
There are lot of opportunities in Uganda. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your queries and we will make sure that it is handled properly and we do the necessary research to fulfill your query.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with C & U directly.

How green is UGoGreen Organisation?

We want to change the world beginning with ourselves.

We try to keep our waste separate and at a minimum, teach staff and suppliers about the impact of single use plastic, we buy locally as much as possible, use a water filter for daily water consumption, we refuse plastic water bottles in the restaurant and only offer a glass or jug of water.

Is it easy as a foreigner to start a business in Uganda?

Yes. It is very easy to start. There are many opportunities.

But beware of red tape in Uganda. Seemingly clear procedures quickly turn into never ending nightmares. Be sure you are informed and seek professional assistance.


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