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  • Naome Ninsiima
    Naome Ninsiima Project Coordinator
  • Reginald Amade
    Reginald Amade Managing Director

UGoGreen is a local NGO and therefor, our board members are all Ugandan ladies and gentlemen representing their communities.

Naome Ninsiima is our Project Coordinator. Naome is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and has great ideas on how to bring more knowledge to our communities and how to seek cooperation and acknowledgement on district level.

Reggie Amade is our Belgian volunteer and acts as our Managing Director.


Be a professional, trusted provider of development services, a leader in cooperative efforts with rural communities and government representatives, to make our village life better.


To secure rural communities’ elevated living standards through education, advocacy and managing development programs.


Our organizational goals are to

  • provide exemplary development services
  • establish a trusted partner network

Complementary goals are inspired by some of the most basic Sustainable Development Goals as adopted by United Nation Member States in 2015, which are:

  1. to end poverty
  2. to end hunger

meet our partners

Buddu Trading has ever since it’s inception been a true supporter and benefactor to UGoGreen’s activities.

Kisagaazi Model Farm is a UGoGreen project that started 8 years back with a focus on coffee and animal husbandry. Agriculture best practices are applied and improvements are monitored.

Kalungu District has recently partnered up with UGoGreen to implement our programs on a bigger scale.

Sevo vzw is a Belgian ngo that loves entrepreneurs. It supports UGoGreen in Belgium. Sevo and UGoGreen have signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), which means they will support and help each other.

Villa Katwe B&B is the place to be to feel home away from home. Fantastic B&B, great breakfast, wonderful feeling to get back to your senses after a day full of impressions.

Can I do internship at UGoGreen Organisation, or in Uganda?

Ask yourself what you are looking for:  creating a better world or a better self?
There are lot of opportunities in Uganda. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your queries and we will make sure that it is handled properly and we do the necessary research to fulfill your query.

Is it easy as a foreigner to start a business in Uganda?

Yes. It is very easy to start. There are many opportunities.

But beware of red tape in Uganda. Seemingly clear procedures quickly turn into never ending nightmares. Be sure you are informed and seek professional assistance.

Does Uganda have national parks?

Yes, often overlooked by tourists who head instead to neighboring Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda has been described as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ such is its natural beauty and charm. The landlocked country is home to a diverse array of ecosystems which are fascinating to explore and, untouched and wild, they are stunning to behold.

The undoubted main attraction has to be the mountain gorillas for which Uganda is renowned. Viewing them up close in their natural habitat is simply awe-inspiring and certainly makes for unforgettable memories.

With amazing whitewater rafting and the serene Lake Victoria also on offer; this lovely country will astound you with all that there is to see and do. Here are the most beautiful national parks in Uganda which should you give you some inspiration as to what you just have to see in this country:

Map of National Parks in Uganda

UGoGreen’s top five is:

  1. Rwenzori Mountains National Park
  2. Queen Elizabeth National Park
  3. Murchison Falls National Park
  4. Kidepo Valley National Park
  5. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

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