Through the years UGoGreen has ventured into many different types of charity work. We learned to focus on a couple only, to be able to achieve sustainable changes.

Our current programs involve:



According to the surveys done by UGoGreen, beneficiaries have a strong need for water. Seasons are changing dramatically, and farmers cannot count anymore on the rains and sunshine like their grandparents used to do. So, they asked to be connected to piped water, as still over 60% of the population doesn’t have running water at home and has to get their daily water from a well (often more than 30 mins away).

UGoGreen helps with the installation costs of the pipes and much needed communication with the company.

Besides that we regularly give trainings on local ways of preserving hygiene and clean water practices. If funds allow, we provide rainwater catching systems for the active families.


Many girls don’t go to school during their periods, because they lack proper material or the money to buy it. One of their solutions is using old rags or newspapers, which make them smell dirty and feel ashamed. So they stay home to avoid that.

They don’t mind washing their pads though, so UGoGreen initiated the MyPad program. Schoolchildren (boys and girls alike) are being taught how to make reusable washable menstruation pads and are also educated about the changes their bodies go through.

The teachers got an extensive training first, and are now passing it on to the pupils. As per request we will also start teaching the ladies in the villages.

Farmers Training

Our farmers need and want training, on many different subjects. They have made it clear in our different surveys that they want to be trained on soil fertility, garden management and mixed farming. We provide different trainings each year about those subjects, and the improvements are already visible! The gardens look better and people tell us they already see an increase in their yields!

Youth Empowerment

Youth in Uganda means all persons between the age of 15 and 35 years. We started a Youth Empowerment program, which includes workshops where they learn about skills like Assets and Skills, Entrepreneurship, Business plan and others.

All this culminates in the setup of a small business for those who are serious and show enough interest during the workshops. Our first session has been a great success. People have seriously improved their living standards and are growing their business. Amazing what they can achieve with only EUR 50 start-up capital.

Sponsor Kids
Currently we have 2 children remaining in the program. After finishing a vocational training or higher education, they will find their own way in life, and we will not engage in new sponsor kids.

Plot 99 Coffeehouse & Lounge

To sustain the running costs of UGoGreen and not be dependent of external donations only, an income generating activity was set up: Plot 99 Coffeehouse and Lounge. This restaurant in Masaka town offers a wide range of continental food, is a great meeting place and has the best pizza and view in town.


Do you like what we are doing and do you want to support us? Thank you, we are very grateful!

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