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Over the years UGoGreen has ventured into many different types of development projects. Below we highlight the most successful two that have shown sustainable changes.

Abandoned projects involve:


Youth Empowerment

Youth in Uganda means all persons between the age of 15 and 35 years. We started a Youth Empowerment program which includes workshops where they learn about Assets and Skills, Entrepreneurship, Business plan and others.

All this culminates in the setup of a small business for those who are serious and show enough interest during the workshops.

Our first session has been a great success. People have seriously improved their living standards and are growing their business. Amazing what they can achieve with only EUR 50 start-up capital.

Since 2019 our Youth have started 6 fruitful small businesses to sustain themselves. We are currently working with another group of 19 very eager youth.

Plot 99 Coffeehouse & Lounge

To sustain the operational costs and not be dependent of external sponsoring and donations only, we set up an income generating activity: Plot 99 Coffeehouse and Lounge.

This restaurant in Masaka town offers a wide range of continental food, is a great meeting place and has the best pizzas and view in town.

It is also a learning ground for some of our Youth whom are interested in learning more about being a waiter, chef or running a bigger business in general.

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