Buiding a Sustainable Future


The idea for UGoGreen started in 2011, created with and in the best interest of local communities in Uganda. Ideas for projects come from the beneficiaries and have led from a very diverse array of help to a solid couple of projects that actually make a difference and have already improved lives.

Ultimate Go Green Organisation is a non-profit NGO, supporting rural farmers towards improved living conditions. We do this by listening to the community and asking them what is needed to progress their lives from subsistence to sustainable living.

Our Programs

Through the years UGoGreen has ventured into many different types of charity work. We learned to focus on a couple only, to be able to achieve sustainable changes.

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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, an important implementation to develop the basic life standards of our communities.

Farmers Training

After generations of farming old skool, our farmers asked to be trained in more modern techniques.

Nutrition Knowledge

Children don’t develop well if they don’t get the right nutrients as they grow up. We want to tackle this with sensitization.

MyPad Program

Menstrual pads can be easily homemade, if you don’t mind washing them after use. Girls don’t have any other option during their periods.

Youth Empowerment

We teach the youth business skills so they can set up their own small businesses.

Plot 99 Coffeehouse

A place with good food, great atmosphere and ideal setting to meet people from all over the world.

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